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Old growth forest is protected in British Columbia's many parks. We are very fortunate on the Sunshine Coast to have many of our forests as living testimonials to the natural history of the area. While pictures may provide one with a sense of these majestic trees, seeing them in their rain forest environment is truly amazing.


Let the highlights begin in historic Pender Harbour and continue through the Agamemnon Channel. Turn your neck to see rock walls rise straight up from the sea. Consider Indian Rock paintings that have survived 200 years. On our trips in this wilderness channel we often encounter seals and bald eagles. In the Skookumchuck Narrows we pass the village of Egmont.

Discover how geography turns the tidal exchange here into the fastest tidal flow in the world. We pass through here at the same time on each trip so the amount of tidal movement we see varies. Check the schedule for strength of the flow on each of our scheduled days.    >>read more about Skookumchuck Narrows

Sea Kayaking on the Sunshine Coast of BC


Enjoy an evening sunset cruise or try your hand at sailing with your skipper in the sheltered waters of Sechelt Inlet. It's a great place to learn the concepts of sailing while enjoying an afternoon on the water. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fresh sea air. Cruise down Sechelt Inlet and anchor at one of the nine Marine Parks and enjoy lunch on the boat. In the summer, jump off and swim to shore, snorkel at the marine park or just soak up the rays.


You will enjoy your day viewing some of the most breathtaking and spectacular scenery to be found anywhere in British Columbia. Sechelt Inlet together with its tributary arms, Salmon and Narrows Inlet, tends to be a relatively placid, little traveled backwater where one will find fewer boats than in the open Gulf of Georgia. Experience a wilderness paradise of picturesque inlets and fjords, viewing magnificent marine life such as porpoises, seals, and majestic bald eagles.

Boat Tours on the Sunshine Coast of BC


The Inland Sea is a perfect paddling location for kayakers of all skill levels. The waters are protected from the open ocean and are free from severe tidal currents. Kayaking the Inland Sea, by Sechelt, BC is an experience you'll always remember.

We will help you plan a kayak trip in the Sechelt area that suits your unique sense of adventure. We work with you to customize a paddling vacation in calm ocean waters, surrounded by snow-topped mountains, and full of marine wildlife.

We can provide information for destination paddling to quiet inlets, marine parks, eco-friendly camps, sandy beaches and hiking trails. Kayak directly from the docks at Porpoise Bay in Sechelt, or we can boat you up coast to begin your trip in one of the inlets, whatever fits with your plans. It's your holiday and we want it to be everything you've dreamed of.


Birding is a sport that everyone can enjoy. It is an outdoor pursuit that is shared by young and old, families and clubs, wildlife scientists and those who are simply outdoors on a walk or an adventurous hike.

Activities on the Sunshine Coast of BC


Spend time ashore in this granite bordered fjord. Like everyone before you it will dominate your future dreams. It was carved by the force of glaciers. The steep sides are mirrored in tranquil waters. Waterfalls are numerous, and change with the passing of each weather system. Every encounter with this wonderland is unique.

Don't under rate the travel up Jervis Inlet to Princess Louisa Inlet. Pacific Wings and the Beaver Float plane are a pleasure to fly with and the Beaver has long been noted as the work horse of the back country. Your pilot will provide a very informed commentary on the area and some of the high lights during your trip.

The area around Chatterbox Falls was once the private property of James MacDonald. He donated it to the Princess Louisa International Society. The intention was to preserve it for the enjoyment of all. On the way back if you're lucky we will stop at Camp Malibu for ice cream. This Young life camp has been in operation for many years and is host each year to thousands of kids from across north America. The log buildings were part of a Hollywood Retreat back in the 1940's and many of the log cottages still stand today. This tour has scheduled departures almost daily in the summer months in the morning and again after lunch. Be sure to call ahead to book this exciting trip.


Explore three of the most beautiful and challenging courses anywhere: Sechelt Golf & Country Club, Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club and the Pender Harbour Golf & Country Club

Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club

  • The Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club is a beautiful championship 18 hole golf course. Located just 15 minutes from the Langdale Ferry Terminal in Roberts Creek, it is one of British Columbia's crown jewels of golf courses.
  • At a medium length layout of 6165 yards, it provides for all levels of golf ability with 3-4 tee boxes on each hole. There are well-conditioned fairways and large bentgrass greens overlooking the Georgia Strait.

Sechelt Golf & Country Club

  • Blended stoically against the upper-western shores of Porpoise Bay resides Sechelt Golf and Country Club; a place where flavours of golf's architectural beginnings have met modern concepts. The opportunity to soil each club in your bag, coupled with numerous birdie opportunities, make this track an unforgettable place to play - regardless of handicap, regardless of season.
  • Through elevated vision, critically acclaimed architect Russ Olson has fashioned 18 indelible golf holes, each possessing its own character, but together linking fluidly from first tee to eighteenth green. 13 lakes sway the sense on 13 different holes. Numerous bunkers challenge the big-hitter and dare the pin-point accuracy needed to cover the flag on exquisitely-true bentgrass greens that range in size from 5700 to 8100 square feet. Multiple tees on each hole afford latitude for everyone to enjoy this well-kept secret on BC's Sunshine Coast.

Pender Harbour Golf & Country Club

  • Spectacular by nature, the Pender Harbour Golf Club at the top of the Sechelt Peninsula nestles in an idyllic setting of rich forests and mountains, a salmon spawning creek winding through its lush fairways.
  • One of the finest 9-hole courses in British Columbia, Pender Harbour has long been a well-kept secret. A lovely day's outing from Vancouver, Pender Harbour Golf Club is just 60 kms north of Langdale Ferry Terminal, 5 kms north of the community of Madeira Park. The Club's patio is an ideal place to celebrate the round with refreshments and an enjoyable meal, and to arrange your next warm welcome to spectacularly natural Pender Harbour Golf Club.
Golfing, Diving and Snowshoeing on the Sunshine Coast of BC


Welcome to Diving Central! Clear blue waters, abundant marine life and the hospitality of experienced divers await you. Combine those ingredients with warm sunlight and a backdrop of west coast mountains and you've got a diving vacation fit for, well - you - and a crew of your closest friends.

We've always known that our ocean was special but you can also ask the National Geographic and the Cousteau Society because they both came and did extensive stories on our diving locations.

If you like to dive be sure and check out the Tuwanek Point Dive in the book 101 Dives by Betty Pratt-Johnson.If you are diving on the public beach " the spit" at Tuwanek please be sure to park in the designated areas and respect the privacy of the local residents. You'll find most of them are very nice and they don't mind sharing the beach as long as you clean up after yourselves.


Winter on the West Coast combines the best of both worlds - the excitement of snow at higher elevations and the knowledge that at the end of the day you return to snow free beaches and roads.


Tetrahedron Provincial Park is located inland on the Sunshine Coast and is closest to the community of Tuwanek. The park is a gem filled with spectacular scenery, wilderness is everywhere, birds singing, leaves rustling and forest smells makes the region a must visit. Some of the main points of interest is the extensive hiking, snowshoeing and cross country trail routes in the Tetrahedron Provincial Park- Lakes include Bachelor, Margie, Mayne, Gilbert, Edwards, Chapman and McNair Lakes. The Tetrahedron Provincial Park offers a wide variety of adventures from  cross country skiing and snow shoeing to hiking in the summer months and mountain meadow camping. >> read more about the tetrahedron provincial park


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